Cell Phones Are Safe. Aren’t they?

cell phone useA two-year study conducted in 2016 found increased brain tumors in rats exposed to the same type of radiation produced by cell phones. While the amount of radiation the rats were subjected to in the tests was extreme, compared to human cell phone exposure, the results fly in the face of previous assertions that the only significant by product of such low-level nonionizing radiation was tissue heating.

Meanwhile, more than eighty percent of Americans make regular use of a cell phone today, a number which translates to more than two hundred and twenty-four million people—a four-fold increase since 2010. The cell phone itself is a recent arrival, having been invented in 1983 and not really in the hands of average consumers until the mid-90’s. Today more people in the world have cell phones than toilets. No longer the status device of corporate road warriors, cell phones are in common heavy use by many children today, another deepening of possible long-term effects, as yet un measureable.

A British study in 2008 showed a link between cell use and disturbed sleep. Though the researchers concluded that there were no more serious risks found associated with short-term use of cell phones, they noted that the possibility of more serious long-term effects remained an open question. They simply haven’t been in use that long.

In general, many experts suggests minimizing the length of time each day that your mobile phone is held directly against your head, opting for the use of wired ear buds, or phone speakers for longer calls.

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