Russian “Third Strike” Weapons Development continues

This week we learned the Russians have continued with their own “off-the-books” nuclear-tipped, autonomous torpedo weapons development which threatens coastal U.S. cities, neatly skirting the previous arms-limitations treaties. I would rather have been wrong about this, but never though there was much chance of that. To read the full account click this link: Russian 3rd Strike … More Russian “Third Strike” Weapons Development continues

Charlie’s Lucky Star

Excerpt from, “Charlie’s Lucky Star,” a short story collection by Richard Authier Lee, copyright 2018 The trail was cold, so he stopped again to catch the wind. Nothing there. The big dog pressed on, still not sure enough to rest, moving within an easy lope. He didn’t know what he was tracking—but he would know it when he … More Charlie’s Lucky Star


Excerpt from High Ground, copyright 2017 by Richard Authier Lee Margaret’s shoes, jeans and underwear were in a heap by the front door when she returned dripping from the shower, a bath towel wrapped around her wet hair. Patches of skin were red and sore where she had scoured off greasy filth. Bailey sniffed around the … More Robert