A Circus Murder

One of the most enjoyable parts of self-publishing my first novel, “High Ground,” has been being befriended by, and beginning to get to know, others who have written and published their own works.

Night Hunter

Louise Barsalou, widow of Kittery, Maine crime writer E.D. Ward reached out to me over Christmas. Sadly, her beloved husband died a little over a year ago. Louise and I had a “near-miss” in meeting over the holidays when she returned to her hometown, Holyoke, Massachusetts, where I live. We still have never met, but have become Facebook friends and I am currently enjoying reading her husband’s first novel, “Night Hunter,”.

Having spent a few years in Maine, Ward’s ear for the Maine ethos is woven through the tale of a seasoned Maine State Trooper, Harry Circus, investigating a brutal murder in a small  town. To have a free look for yourself, click the link below and select “Look Inside.”

Read Sample Chapters of “Night Hunter”

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