F-15s with Pods to Fill Gaps Left by Stealthy F-35? Go on…

It’s been no secret that the slow pace of full deployment for the new stealthy 5th Gen F-35 fighter is causing defense planners to look to more F-16 and F-15 jets—originally targeted for extinction by the F-35—to fill the void. Some F-15E aircraft may also be upgraded with “next generation Jammer pods.”

f-15boeingIf you’ve followed this blog, or read my novel “High Ground” this all may sound rather familiar: stripped and refitted F-15’s being used to carry airborne anti-satellite laser pods form the backdrop for the storyline. An elderly woman who spent her whole life in rural Maine believes she is an electromagnetic hypersensitive, one who feels pain in the presence of electromagnetic fields. Her decrepit mansion borders a former World War II anti-submarine airfield, reactivated to test the new airborne anti-satellite laser weapon.

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