Cutting Edge Novel “High Ground” Now Available in Japan

The American novel “High Ground,” which details the struggle of a lonely, elderly woman, who believes she is an electromagnetic hypersensitive under nightly assault by overflights from an airborne laser weapons company, is now available in Japan on

WPress001The March issue of Air & Space Smithsonian reported U.S. defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, will begin testing airborne defensive laser weapons on KC-135 tankers this summer, and the Air Force may be ready to test them on fighter jets by 2021, the backstory for this novel has taken on new currency.

In “High Ground,” Esther Brandt, the last surviving member of the reviled robber-baron family that founded Leitrim, Maine, must turn to the people her father’s mills ground to dust for help in the face of threats from a 21st century robber-baron, pressing to prove the concept of a new airborne anti-satellite laser weapon.

To read sample chapters of “High Ground,” or download a free sample to your Kindle device or software, click on the link below:

Read Free Sample Chapters of “High Ground.”

HG Cover Amazon-1

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