Smartphones Over Deodorant and Toothbrushes?

Business Tech web site DazeInfo released an article this week claiming smartphone addiction is becoming a health hazard. Not exactly a shocker, if you’ve left your cave lately and looked around, but the article claimed millennials feel their smartphone is more important to them than their deodorant and toothbrush: 

hand-happy-iphone-80673“The worldwide smartphone penetration is estimated to be an all-time high. 2 out of 3 individuals in 52 major countries own a smartphone now. A survey in the year 2016 which conducted by the Bank of America revealed that about 96% of the millennial consider that smartphones are crucial for them. For about 93%, smartphones are more important than deodorant and toothbrush. The survey also revealed that an individual checks his/her smartphone every 6.5 minutes.”

OK…disturbing, yes, but think it through. This could result in a drop in the worldwide birth rate, easing the demand on the planet’s resources.

Hold on while I check my text messages… while you’re waiting, you could check out a some free sample chapters from my new novel, “High Ground” which deals with the effect of increasingly pervasive technology and its effects on a small, coastal Maine town.

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