Chinese Lasers Target U.S. Jets Over South China Sea

Today, CNN reported there have been more than twenty incidents of laser targeting of U.S. aircraft over the South China Sea. The beams are being generated by military-grade lasers, both land-based and from fishing vessels. The source was a military spokesperson who asked not to be named.

This spring, Chinese nationals pointed lasers at U.S. C-130 aircraft in Djibouti, causing minor eye injuries to the pilots. A recent Chinese media report said “China has been updating its home-made blinding laser weapons in recent years to meet the needs of different combat operations.”

Before that were the mysterious “sonic attacks” reported by U.S. personnel at the Guangzhou consulate in May, resulted in the evacuation of personnel and causing at least one staffer disturbing health issues suffered as a result.

The Chinese response has been to deny  any involvement.

What IS clear, is directed energy weapons are beginning to appear, not only with the U.S. military, but also in the hands of it’s most dangerous potential military opponents, China and Russia. The development of such weapons was presaged in my novel, “High Ground,” release last fall.

In the novel, a lonely and reviled elderly woman in Maine claims to be assaulted on a nightly basis by searing radiation of an unknown source. Two women befriend her and together they must turn to the townspeople for help, the same people whose lives were ravaged by the old woman’s long-dead robber-baron father. At the top of the hill where her once-grand mansion sits is a former World War II airfield, reactivated by a corporation conducting secret testing of an airborne anti-satellite weapon.

Want to read more? Read some free sample chapters here.

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