Ghost Hunting EMF Apps?

OK, this was bound to happen. There are now apps for your smartphone that purport to measure electromagnetic radiation in your environment. At least one suggests it can be used to detect ghosts. This from the news department of the Herald in Port Elizabeth South Africa.

Yes, OK, I’ve tried a couple. When you think about it, your smartphone both reads and generates EMF fields as it zaps texts, web links or (do people still do this?) voice calls through the ether. EMF Detector is focussed on those, like me, who believe high electromagnetic fields could be hazardous. It’s not just the tin foil hat people, although they will definitely like this one.

If ghost hunting be your bent, matey, then Spirit Scanner may be right down your chimney. Another app, which shall go unnamed, thinks there’s a ghost in my second monitor.

In fact, there appear to be dozens of these things out there just in time for Halloween, or the next visit from those relatives you might want to discourage from staying too late.

If you’d like a good read with an EMF backstory, which is ghoul-free, but filled with exciting action and a couple of spooky scenes tossed in for good measure, try “HIGH GROUND” now available on

Read Free Sample Chapters Here

HG AudioCover JPG-1

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