“HIGH GROUND” Free Amazon Promotion Through Friday

It’s good enough for Santa and he seems to be doing OK, so last night I put my novel, “HIGH GROUND” on sale on Amazon.com until Friday. For FREE. That’s $0.00. Zero dollars and no pennies. Zip. Nada. Bupkis.

You read that right.

In the first few hours we’ve moved 230 copies. So this Santa thing does seem to work.

Get a new iPad, Android tablet or Kindle for Christmas? Here’s my gift to you, to add your first book with no risk. None.

What’s it about? A small town in Maine has been left for dead by a nineteenth Century robber baron. His daughter Esther, now a frail old woman, is the last in the hated line of the Brandt family. She thinks she’s under siege by radiation of an unknown source and believes she feels pain in the presence of radio, TV and even electricity waves. Of course, she also thinks she hears dead relatives in the hall, but I digress.

Turns out there is a new robber-baron in town very near the old woman’s ramshackle mansion. Just your basic neighborhood anti-satellite laser weapons development firm. Turns out poor Esther may be crazed, but she’s not crazy. Somehow she must turn for help to the townspeople her father ground to dust.

In the end, it’s a book about forgiveness and redemption. For those who take me up on my Christmas Gift, I hope you enjoy the eBook. If not? Why, you’ll get all your money back. Well, sort of.

What’s the catch? Why does there always have to be a catch?

OK, if you like HIGH GROUND I hope you’ll tell someone else, leave a review or buy the sequel now in development. If you don’t feel like it…that’s OK, too. There’s no fine print.

Merry Christmas,

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