Does Your Audio Book Come in a Bacon-Flavored Edition?

The audio book version of my novel, “HIGH GROUND” is nearing completion, and to be honest, my dog Scout is less enamored of this idea than he would be should I decide to release a “Bacon-Flavored Edition.” It’s all just a lot of blather to him.

Maybe he’s right. Time will tell. Back before I tried my hand at fiction I spent many years writing for newspaper and broadcast, including a number of years on-air as a morning announcer on commercial stations in Portsmouth, Concord and Hanover New Hampshire, which is why I’m trying my hand at reading my own audio book. If you’re interested, here’s the first chapter:

During my time at UNH I did music shows, sports play-by-play, on-scene news coverage of things like a fatal commercial plane crash on Moose Mountain, the presidential primaries in New Hampshire, the Cambodian Incursion riots in Washington, the arrival of the first FB-111A jet at Pease Air Force Base, and a fatal house fire that was to foreshadow my years with the Red Cross. In commercial broadcasting I worked briefly for broadcast sports legend Curt Gowdy, who was also one of the best and most decent men in the business.

Though I loved every day in the broadcast business, I took a different tack. I found my degree in communications and the experience I gained suited me well to help organizations reach the public with their mission and message. While I was one of many trying to reach the top of the broadcast industry, in the world of nonprofit communication I had a fresh, if not unique, set of skills and I got to use them every day.

In those days if you had a story with some controversy your editor wouldn’t let you run with it unless you had at least two sources. I’m not kidding, kids. TWO sources minimum. In today’s social-media-fired world that is laughable. See, you’re laughing. Today you just need to say that somebody posted this inane story to Facebook or Twitter and we’re off to the races. Yee-haa!

I won’t sit here pining for the glory days of journalism. That ship has left the barn. Hey, if I don’t need sources, I’ll mix my metaphors as I see fit too, dude.

The Beginning of the “Me-Too” Movement.

But, has anyone else noted that we began the 19th century trying to decode the picture glyph communication of the Egyptians, before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, and today we are crushing our communications with each other back down into into picture glphs called emojis. πŸ˜€Are cave man grunts and finger pointing next? πŸ˜€

Please, I mean no offense to cave people, and if you are one I sincerely apologize. By the way, I loved your insurance commercials on TV. I was just trying to make a cheap point.

But it was during that journalism bout I had over a number of years that turned my head toward fiction. I came across a lot of terribly interesting people and ideas and didn’t want to be sued for writing truth about them. So I mixed up the names, popped a few of those people and concepts into a word processing program and set it for “puree.” What came out was some of the most drab crap you’ve ever read. Fortunately, most of you never read it. Some of you will point out that you think I will need a speed higher than “puree” to make this stuff palatable.

Still, I forge ahead.

Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but wouldn’t it be great if a few more of us kept a few more of them to ourselves? Yeah, I thought so.

Read Sample Chapters of HIGH GROUND

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