Smartphone May Affect Teens Memory. So That’s It…

The rise of so-called 5G, or fifth generation, cell phone technology has a lot of people in a stir. If you haven’t yet heard about it, take heart, you will.

A recent report by Indian newspaper Pragativadi claims that frequent use of smartphones has a negative effect on teenagers. Controversy has raged for years over whether there are any real health threats posed by cell phone use. The industry says “none” while may worry that there is simply no precedent to rely on for such ubiquitous use, with tiny transmitters slapped flat against our craniums.

Past experience tells us if there is an effect it may affect the youngest among us most, since they will essentially have been intensively exposed for almost their entire lives and often tend to “live” on their smartphones.

By the way, the next step in mobile communications has already been taken without you. That ship has sailed, the die is cast, say what you want, (insert trite phrase here). It is done. 5G. What is it? It’s sort of a tiny cell tower on every street corner. It’s routers and radio transmitters will be bolted to every corner light pole. It’s high-speed wifi in your back pocket, front pocket and up side yo’ head.

What? When?

Doesn’t matter. It’s happening, and we think it’ll be safe. Sort of, maybe. Anyway, if there are a few who may find it distressing or even dangerous, but they won’t be with us for more than one generation before we are all 5G tolerant and fully plugged in.

Wait, wait, you say. I haven’t heard anything about this and it’s already a done deal? Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Because there are SO MANY new technologies just twitching for the arrival of 5G.

The concept is interesting. Create a blanket of wireless coverage throughout your city or town. Once there, this web of electromagnetic connectivity can deliver your Amazon packages, pizzas and Walmart purchases, route driver-less cars and delivery vehicles and pretty much move anything at Point A to Point B without ever being touched by human hands. Cool?

Without 5G, the Jetsons can never become a reality. So, what’s your problem?

Well, this tech will be lower powered than current cell towers (a good thing) but far closer to your body than those same darned towers (not so much a good thing). The effects of non-ionizing radiation like radio, tv, drone controls or microwave ovens affect our bodies based upon not only how powerful they are, but how close they are as well. Double the distance from the source and you cut the effective radiating power by four. Good! Cut the distance in half…well you get the idea.

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