I Think I Hit Some Secret “Supermarket Tabloid” Button on My PC and Can’t Turn It Off!

When did the tabloids at the supermarket get a mind meld with the mainstream media? I’m serious…when exactly did this all happen?

Super what?

Need examples? Try this: Man glues himself to the top of a jet airliner top protest climate change. Did I mention he was a paralympian? Did I say he was also blind. Ah, yes and yes, he is and he is.

The Woz

OK, first it didn’t make nice with leather wallets or denim pants, but now the shiny new titanium “Apple Card” discriminates against women on card credit limits? Says who? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Seems it gave his wife a lower credit limit than him. Ouch!

OK, come on, now. Warp drives are being talked about at science presentations. Beam me freakin’ up—

According to online publication BIG THINK, “aerospace engineering professor Jason Cassibry, says scientists are getting closer to cracking the physics of a warp drive straight out of “Star Trek.”

Warp or warped?

Cassibry teaches at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, where he advises undergraduate student Joseph Agnew, author of a recently published warp drive study that got the scientific world buzzing.”

Or how about a story about Tom Delonge, former front man for the rock group Blink 182 now forming an alliance with the U.S. Army around the investigation of UFOs? Seems Mr. Delonge told the New York Times he has come into possession of material from one or more unidentified objects and needs someone with the facilities to analyze it properly.

I wouldn’t want to try to do that myself, either.

Three weeks ago, Delonge’s UFO research group To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA) announced that it had signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command. That means the Army will provide TTSA with the “laboratories, expertise, support, and resources” it needs to further its research.

Sure. Why the hell not?

And speaking of the Army, they just announced they could soon have a cannon that can fire a shell more than a eleven hundred miles. That’s approximately the distance from New York City to Nashville. I would suggest the Country Music industry put a push on building its audience base in the Big Apple. Soon, really soon.

Those guys know we already have missles, right?

Yeah, about that cannon, if you’ve read my novel HIGH GROUND it might remind you of a scene where scientist Leon Duke is speaking to Ruth O’Connor and Margaret Haart, the book’s protagonists, about why the U.S. Government would ever let it be known it had a new super technology under development. Like Backscatter radar, in this example.

“Yes. Our Air Force claims to be putting systems like that in place along our northern borders. That’s assuming we have a working backscatter system,” Duke continued. “You see, ordinary radar is strictly line-of-sight. Backscatter can detect aircraft or missiles over the horizon. The first country operating a backscatter system would have a certain edge in possessing an effective backup to satellite surveillance, n’est pas?”

“What do you mean, assuming we have one?’“

“Well, I’m not sure we really do. Seriously, you’ve got to know the way these people think. The last several years I’ve noticed the Air Force has taken a rather casual and open approach to the location of their backscatter facilities in Maine. Have you noticed that? It’s been all over the papers. Why gosh, they’ve done everything but hold an open house with sponge cake and coffee. What a wonderful bunch of guys. Yet, in other parts of New England where they’ve planned less dangerous systems, they’ve tried to shuffle them quietly past the local gentry. The radio towers planned for western Massachusetts: towers designed for military communications only during a nuclear exchange. The locals gave them a rash of shit on that one. So, why are they so open about this backscatter business here?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Margaret answered.

“In the arena of global politics, it is sometimes quite unimportant whether you possess a capability, so long as everyone thinks that you do.

It’s a stuck key combination on my keyboard, right? A bad motherboard. Bad lunch meat. Something?

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