Novel HIGH GROUND is a Finalist in London-based Page Turner Awards

Holyoke, August 22, 2022: The London-based Page Turner Awards has selected a novel written by retired Red Cross Director, Richard A. Lee, as a screenplay “Book Adaptation Needed” category finalist. The winner of the category would have their novel adapted to a screenplay and shopped to film and television companies for production.

The 2022 Page Turner Awards screenplay competition received over one thousand submissions and selected one hundred thirty screenplay finalists, and forty-seven “books needing adaption” for the screen, the category for which Lee is a finalist.

As well as an overall winner, there will be winners in each category, which includes documentaries, film, television, and book adaptation. Further narrowing of the competition will occur over the next few weeks. They will announce the winners in October.

Richard A. Lee

“I write novels, not screenplays,” Lee said, “but I grew up around The Nugget Theater in Hanover, New Hampshire, which was managed by my grandfather, and I use a visual approach to the creative process as I write. A docent at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum told me he thought it would translate well to the screen. So, it’s not the first time I’ve been told my book would make an excellent film, but it is the most recognition it has received to date.”

Paul Michael Glaser

Judges for the competition include Paul Michael Glaser, the celebrated actor, creator, writer, director, producer, and philanthropist, as well as a cadre of celebrated writers, literary agents, screenwriters, film scouts, script consultants, television and film script editors, and producers.

The novel’s setting is a Maine coastal town and concerns a reviled, reclusive eccentric woman who lives without lights, phone, radio, or television. She believes herself to be an “Electromagnetic Hypersensitive,” one who suffers pain in the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMF). She thinks she has come under nightly attack by the searing radiation of an unknown source. On a reclaimed World War II-era government airfield nearby, a company has begun night flights over the North Atlantic testing an airborne anti-satellite laser weapon.

The novel is available in paperback, eBook and audiobook on sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Audible and iTunes.

One thought on “Novel HIGH GROUND is a Finalist in London-based Page Turner Awards

  1. Rick,

    What a great accomplishment, but why am I not surprised?!? Arthur Bailey would be very proud of you (as am I).


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