What Would We, Could We Do?

Cell TowerCould it be that some of us are already revealing the leading edge of future widespread health effects from long-term, low-level exposure to EMF? No one can be sure, because it has never happened before in human history.

And if it were true, what would we, what could we do?

At the beginning of the 20th century, human exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) was almost nonexistent. By the dawn of the 21st, virtually every corner of the developed world was saturated by a fog of EMF. Almost every day brings a new source of EMF generation, raising the ambient background to which we all are exposed.

Ionizing radiation, mid and high frequency radiation like ultraviolet, X-Rays and gamma rays have recognized harmful effects on human health. Lower frequency radiation from microwave transmitters, microwave ovens, computers, home energy smart meters, wifi bluetooth, power lines and medical devices are believed to be safe, because their generally low power levels are regulated.

Is it possible that the safety thresholds set by virtually every international governments protect most, but not all of us? Human sensitivity to allergens, medications, fluorescent lights, air pollution and other elements of our environment vary widely person-to-person. What is safe for most is most certainly not safe for all in these arenas. How can we be sure it is in this one?

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