Air Force Spending Big On F-15 Upgrades

The aircraft central to the plot of my novel. “High Ground” is the aging, yet versatile and venerable F-15. In my novel, “High Ground,” I chose the F-15 as the platform for my fictional airborne anti-satellite weapon. Seems somebody else sees the wisdom in investing in this older platform.

High Ground CoverAviation Week just ran a story on the Air Force having announced major new spending initiatives on the F-15C and it’s sister F-15E models now in service worldwide. What a good idea.  Read the article here: F-15 Obsolete? Not So Fast

BTW, I chose the F-15 in my novel because there are a LOT of them deployed worldwide and, despite its age, it can fly higher, with a bigger payload, than other similar aircraft. What good is a weapon if the enemy can easily identify it on the battlefield? One tricked-out laser-equipped F-15 looks pretty much like all the others, from a distance. Hide the bird in the chicken coop, then. Further, it is proven technology that would form a stable platform for a new weapon designed to blind the enemy’s orbiting satellites.

Just sayin’. “High Ground” is now  available for just $0.99 as an eBook for the Kindle and iPad on Amazon:

HG Cover Small-1

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