Russian “Third Strike” Weapons Development continues

This week we learned the Russians have continued with their own “off-the-books” nuclear-tipped, autonomous torpedo weapons development which threatens coastal U.S. cities, neatly skirting the previous arms-limitations treaties.

torpedo-67468_1280I would rather have been wrong about this, but never though there was much chance of that. To read the full account click this link: Russian 3rd Strike weapon, Real?

I’ve had some fun this week, corresponding with younger readers who are Star Wars fans, yet didn’t know the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) launched by the United States in 1983, was then dubbed “Star Wars” by the press.

Today, “Star Wars” is an exciting film franchise. Then it was deadly serious. So glad the U.S. and the Russians shut it all down. OK, maybe not.

SDI proposed to create a missile shield above the U.S. and its allies, to use a variety of high tech weaponry, satellites, ground based lasers and particle beam weapons, and whatever came next.  Many feel SDI, or “Star Wars” broke the bank for the then Soviet Union which could not keep pace with the research and development spending required by SDI. When the Soviet Union dissolved into separate nations of Russia, the Ukraine, et al, SDI was shelved over here. as no longer necessary.

Really? Could we afford to be so sure? The weapons development in my novel, “High Ground” continues in so-called “black ops status” and, apparently, the Russians have been pretty busy themselves.

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