Reviews for “High Ground” Attract International Interest

I shared with you that my novel, “High Ground” had received a five-star review from Al Stettner, in Washington, DC, who I met though a project we worked on years ago, building theĀ Mt. Tom B-17 Memorial to 25 young men who survived World War II, only to die within site of their destination, Westover Air Base in Massachusetts.

That post about Al attracted readers from the Netherlands, the European Union, Kazakstan, Algeria and, of course, the United States. Welcome to those visitors and prospective readers. I appreciate your interest, deeply. If you haven’t done so yet, please consider joining the readership of “High Ground.”

I was also pleased to get a five-star review from another long-time friend, Rick Johnston, who today resides in Virginia. Years ago, Rick introduced me to personal computers when we both lived in Maine, around the time the idea for “High Ground” was coalescing. Rick is also a pilot who fanned my interest in flying, and was working in the television industry back then. In his kind review Rick said:

As a former Maine resident, the settings and characters ring true. The mysterious grand house on “high ground” that one old woman calls home with hundreds of “guests” is the convening point for this tale of environmental threats that stem from greedy people who do not value human life.

If you’d like to see his and the other reviews for “High Ground” just click here.

If you have already read the novel, a review on its Amazon page is MOST appreciated. Thanks to each of you, PCD, C. Balsamo, Sheila Doiron, William Low, Patricia Gillespie, Al, Rick and a couple anonymously added, for your kindness and support.

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