Hello, Major Tom, Is That You?

Found any missing satellites lately? An amateur astronomer from British Columbia just found NASA’s Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) satellite that’s been MIA, still in orbit, since falling silent in 2005.

And you thought losing your car keys was annoying.The IMAGE spacecraft undergoing launch preparations in early 2000. Photo: NASA. Apparently, this multi-million dollar happy wanderer fell silent and was eventually given up for dead, even passing event milestones, like a solar eclipse, programmed to awaken it.

Then, this January, thirteen years later, the satellite apparently just woke up on its own.

You can read more in the USA Today article here: Hello Again, Major Tom .

And you thought finding spare change in the sofa cushions was exciting? When they got the word, I wonder if the original designers said, “yeah, we meant for it to do that”?

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