“High Ground” now X-Ray capable

Ironic, I know. A novel with a backdrop of electromagnetic radiation and laser weapons development is now available with Amazon Kindle X-Ray capability.

What is it? One of the most delightful things about reading on a Kindle is that you can get a definition of an unfamiliar word by just touching it. Pop! There’s the definition! X-Ray takes that a step further.

Ever read a novel and as the story reaches a critical point a character reappears, or is mentioned from earlier in the book? And your reaction is, Who’s that, again? On an X-Ray capable book on Kindle touch the name and X-ray will tell you, or even take you back to where the character first appears. Or tell you how often they have appeared, and where. Where was this years ago when I was trying to read Alexander Solzhenitsyn and keep track of a sea of characters with inscrutable Russian names?

Kindle-3.5-for-iOS-iPhone X-Ray-screenshot-001




If you have an eReader like the Kindle Touch, Paperwhite or Kindle Fire tablet, or even the Kindle app for iOS and iPad, (iOS shown above) you have X-ray, if the document has that feature enabled. It may not be there on your older Kindle, (perhaps reason enough to update your reader). Kindle X-Ray has the ability to show you descriptions of terms, characters and other things mentioned in the book, even how often they appear, and perhaps a few factoids, asides or deeper explanations from the author that didn’t fit in the telling of the story.

BTW, it doesn’t need Internet access to work. Amazon Kindle X-Ray comes baked into your eBook, if it is enabled on the title in question. So the search is super-quick. For a video demo, click here.

It’s a feature you may or may not care about. I love it, and some readers make a point to seek out Amazon Kindle X-Ray books. When they do, “High Ground” will be there waiting for them.

Read Free Sample Chapters of “High Ground”

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