“HIGH GROUND” Now In Canada

High Ground has just been added by Canadian book distributor, Kobo.

Kobo Screen ImageRakuten Kobo Inc. or simply, Kobo, is a Canadian company which sells e-books, audiobooks, e-readers and tablet computers. It is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a subsidiary of the Japanese e-commerce conglomerate Rakuten.

Having just completed the 90 day commitment to distribute the eBook version of my novel only through Amazon.com, it will soon be available from other platforms, as well as continuing to be found on Amazon. Amazon.com remains the only place where a paperback copy of High Ground  exists, at least for the time being. That could change, as well.

The Barnes and Noble eBook version is under review now and may be available as an eBook for the B&N Nook eReader in the next few days.

More to follow!

Read Sample Chapters of “High Ground”

HG Cover 6by9-CAPS

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