Greetings to Readers Worldwide!

Over the three months my novel, High Ground, has been out, and this web site has been up, we’ve had viewers from many countries, in addition to the United States, where I am located.


Yesterday the site had six viewers from Malaysia. Thanks for visiting! I hope you will consider taking a look at my novel which is available worldwide on Amazon and will soon be available through a number of other sites worldwide. (Stay tuned for the specifics, coming soon, I hope!).

While readers from the United States, have been the most numerous, the list of readers from other nations is getting more interesting by the day. Since the book was released in mid November of 2017 this site has had visits from: Algeria, Australia, Canada, China, Ecuador, Egypt, European Union, France, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Russia and Spain. 

Welcome to all, and thanks for visiting, whether it was for one post, or several. It’s an honor to have you here.

Rick Lee

Read Free Sample Chapters of “High Ground.”

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