Italian Study Links Health Effects To Low Level Cell Tower Radio Waves

Italy’s Ramazzini Institute has reported that a large scale lifetime study of lab animals exposed to cell tower radiofrequency (RF) radiation found an unusual type of cancer, as well as brain tumors and precancerous conditions in laboratory test rats exposed to ordinary levels of RF throughout their lives. What makes this of special concern is the study was of long-term low-level exposure, the kind many of us are receiving on a daily basis.

Cell TowerNearly 2500 laboratory rats were exposed to what the report called “environmental cell tower radiation” nineteen hours a day at levels similar to base station emissions from cell tower antennas from prenatal life until their natural deaths. The health effects were seen at far lower levels than used in previous studies of cell phone radiation health effects. The levels were said to be lower than current U.S. FCC limits which you and I are routinely exposed to as we walk or drive past the network of cell towers dotting the modern landscape.

For more detail, see the full in Elsevier’s ScienceDirect 

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) hypersensitivity is an underlying thread to my novel “High Ground” which was released recently on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

In the novel. a lonely, elderly woman in a small rural Maine coastal town, claims to be an EMR hypersensitive and believes she is under nightly attack by an unknown source. Nearby, an airborne anti-satellite laser weapons company has begun field testing and its jets are passing near her dark, dilapidated once-grand mansion on their way out over the north Atlantic.

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