Electromagnetic Mind Control? What?

Are you sitting down? In a fluke leaking of secret files to a reporter this past week, mind control and implanting thoughts in the human mind may have been on the list of possible outcomes researchers were seeking in the development of what some call “psycho-electronic’ weaponry.


Say what?

That is, someone may have been using electromagnetic radiation to affect the brain or body to induce intense pain, create remote mind control or even—wait for it—the symptoms of rigor mortis. Literally scaring someone stiff?

Reporter Curtis Waltman of MuckRock ran an article Wednesday,  since picked up by outlets including Popular Mechanics, Britain’s Daily Mail Online and the Daily Beast, claiming that while he was seeking information on militant extremist groups like Antifa and various white supremacy groups, he received a response from the Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC), which included a set of files in response to his Freedom of Information query, which outlined a raft of X-Files style research conducted by the U.S. government in response to fears the Soviets were similarly engaged.

The WSFC is an organization with the stated mission “to support the public safety and homeland security missions of state, local, tribal agencies and private sector entities.” What the reporter got back from the request included files on past bizarre research on weaponizing electromagnetic radiation. The documents included emails, briefings and other material in a compressed file labelled “EM effects on the human body.”

In fact, Waltman’s post includes a link to the zipped files themselves if you’d like to peruse them first hand. I know what you’re thinking…wait, let me rephrase that…if you already are looking over your shoulder for “black helicopter people,” the “Men in Black” or any similar nefarious folk of legend, you may want to preserve your peace of mind and seek out a cute kitty website to paw through instead.

When I began my research into the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) for


my novel “High Ground,” many years ago, cell phones, the internet and smartphones didn’t exist. I am struck how we all have since been surrounded by an EMR fog from everything from phones to iPads to garage door openers, home security systems, satellite radio and television, to medical devices, baby monitors and even children’s toys. To me, it’s not so much a question of whether this fog affects us, but where is the safe threshold? Is the threshold the same for you as for me? And now that we are getting it from all sides, do cumulative sources alter those safe levels?

Then, as one of the characters in my novel tells retired scientist Leon Duke, what wholly beneficial devices would end up being indicted along with the toys and gadgets? Exactly how far back would we be willing to roll the last twenty years of electronic progress?

Or how many of us would say, instead, “you can have my smartphone when you pry it from my cold, dead hands?”

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