HIGH GROUND Amazon Sale Ends Tomorrow

If you’ve followed my blog or related social media posts about my novel, “High Ground” its backstory and the broader issue of electromagnetic radiation, you might be interested to know that the eBook version has been on sale on Amazon in the United States and Great Britain   since last Wednesday June 13th. Normally sold at $2.99, it has been on sale at $0.99 for this one week.

It’s available for Amazon Kindle, Android or iPad (the later two devices using the Kindle App on their respective stores).

The Trade Paperback edition remains at its regular price of $14.99.

By the way, you might like to know that an audiobook edition is in production now, as well. I’ll keep you updated on its progress and availability through this blog.

If you’d like to check out a few chapters, select “FREE PREVIEW” below. If you’ve read it and want to spread the word to interested friends, select “SHARE.” Many thanks!

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