Diplomats Mystery Illness in Cuba related to Microwave Radiation

Regular readers of my blog know that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has been thought to be behind secret, pernicious assaults on American diplomats at the American Embassy in Cuba, mirroring similar events in Moscow during the cold war. Yesterday Beatrice Beatrice Golumb, MD, PHDGolomb, MD, Ph.D. and professor of medicine at the University of California San Diego said that the “mystery illness” affecting American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba are likely the result of pulsed radiofrequency EMR.

While this has been long suspected, Dr. Golomb’s findings provide medical backing to the suspicions. Her conclusions will be published in the September 15th issue of Neural Computation.

According to EurekAlert, a science news journal, Golomb found the links to known EMR effects to be striking. “I looked at what’s known about pulsed RF/MW in relation to diplomats’ experiences,” Dr. Golomb said. “Everything fits. The specifics of the varied sounds that the diplomats reported hearing during the apparent inciting episodes, such as chirping, ringing and buzzing, cohere in detail with known properties of so-called ‘microwave hearing,’ also known as the Frey effect.

“And the symptoms that emerged fit, including the dominance of sleep problems, headaches, and cognitive issues, as well as the distinctive prominence of auditory symptoms. Even objective findings reported on brain imaging fit with what has been reported for persons affected by RF/MW radiation.”

Symptoms were first felt by diplomats assigned to embassies in Havana in 2016 and included headaches, sleep disruption, irritability, anxiety, ringing in the ears and even hearing loss. Such effects in past studies have even been linked to a form or traumatic brain injury.

David O. Carpenter, MD, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment and the University of Albany said Golomb’s findings are consistent with “microwave hearing” which results from the heating of tissue in the ear. Reported symptoms, he said, characterize the syndrome of electrohypersensitivity (EHS), in which unusual exposure to radiofrequency radiation can trigger symptoms in vulnerable persons that may be permanent and disabling.

Esther Brandt, the main character in my novel, “High Ground” believes herself to be an electromagnetic hypersensitive, who finds herself under siege by a nearby defense contractor developing airborne laser weapons.

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