Japan’s First Female F-15 Pilot

Misa Matsushima, 26,  who is from Yokohama, just became Japan’s first female F-15 driver. While a number of American women have been certified for the high-performance F-15, she is the first Japanese woman to do so.Japanese F-15 pilot  It plays a key role in my novel High Ground, which contrasts the corporate pursuit of the development of directed energy weapons with the robber barons of the previous century and its effect on the people of a small Maine coastal town.

You may recall last spring when Capt. Tammie Jo Shults of Southwest Airlines made an emergency landing of a Boeing 737 after an engine explosion which caused the death of one passenger and rapid depressurization of the cabin.  She was credited for her skill and calm handling of the crisis. Shulz was. as it turned out,  one of the first women to serve as an F/A 18 fighter pilot in the Navy.


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