Hear That Hum?

First occurring in the United Kingdom in the 1970’s, people around the world have been hearing a low level, insistent hum no one can really explain. Some people have heard it, to be precise. About two percent of the population, in places where it has been said to occur are being tortured by the phenomenon.

The Bristol Hum, The Taos New Mexico Hum, the Kokomo, Indiana Hum, the Windsor, Ontario Hum, the Largs, Scotland Hum, the Sydney Austrailia Hum, whatever you want to call it, I learned about it from an intriquing July article in The Atlantic. Turns out it’s been written up in Huffpost and even Catholic Online (I am NOT kidding).

The Hum is said to be a steady background sound of unknown origin which settles in slowly at night and doesn’t let up. It even affects dogs.

French researchers claim it is “the effect of continuous waves causing the ocean floor to vibrate.” Uh, okay, that wouldn’t have been my first guess, but you guys are the scientists. Others have posited traffic noise, tinnitus ( a maddening ear condition causing incessant ringing in the ears), wind over wire on high towers, and even—you knew this was coming—alien visitation. OK you guys, the Phoenix lights were bad enough. NOW, you’re keeping us up at nights with this incessant racket? Time to go home!

In short, there is still no definitive explanation as to if it is (only two percent hear it after all) what it is, or why it stops and later returns—all over the globe.

Why did it catch my ear? OK, eye, it caught my eye. Why? According to the Atlantic article:

“The phenomenon has spawned many conspiracy theories. Sufferers, known as “hummers,” have pointed fingers at sources such as electrical power lines, wireless communication devices, and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. For decades, doctors dismissed patients’ complaints as tinnitus, an auditory problem that affects 15 percent of people. But the latest research suggests that the noise is not a hallucination and that many hummers do not suffer from impaired hearing.”

If you didn’t know, my first novel (see below) touched on a variation of this theme, that a growing electrosmog of electromagnetic radiation is saturation our lives in the form of wifi, cell phones. home networks and the soon to be rolled out 5G networks. 5G will place transmitters of low-energy, high frequency electromagnetic internet access literally on every street corner.

Hear that hum?

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