Headlights? Where We’re Going We Won’t Need Headlights

To paraphrase Dr. Emmet Brown from the classic film Back To The Future, on Tuesday of this week at the Frankfort Auto Show in Germany Audi exhibited a bizarre all-electric concept vehicle, the E-Tron AI:Trail Quattro. A futuristic off-road SUV with no headlights.

I don’t usually write about cars in my blog, but this one just made me look twice. All-electric, off-road, aircraft yoke instead of steering wheel, glass-wrapped cockpit, high-clearance wheel-base, able to ford 1.6 feet of water and NO headlights.

Well, it does have five drone-borne lights which light the way from overhead.

I am not kidding.

True, the likelihood of this radical SUV showing up in a showroom near you is almost zero, but it does underscore one thing: Either, Audi is really trying to think outside the box, OR their design team has just too much time on their hands. You be the judge.

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