Excerpt from High Ground, copyright 2017 by Richard Authier Lee First a thin whistling, then angry buzzing, then waves came like the tide, washing over black iron fence and surging through parlor walls. Searing, unseen swells washed across marble floors, poured down stairs and seeped everywhere but the pantry and kitchen. Esther clutched her diary to … More Esther

OK, Here’s A Picture of My Dog, Too

So, I’ve worked on and off on my new novel, High Ground, for years, honed my writing skills writing for broadcast and press, studied other people’s work, subscribed to writing and publishing websites, broadened my social media skills (still a work in progress, yes) and responded to every reader inquiry and question. My two-year-old grandniece, … More OK, Here’s A Picture of My Dog, Too

California Issues Cell Phone EMF Precautions

The EMF Safety Network’s Sandi Maurer said today that the California Department of Public Health issued an advisory, concerning steps to take to reduce the possible effects of exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phones. The steps include: Keeping the phone away from the body Reducing cell phone use when the signal is weak Reducing the … More California Issues Cell Phone EMF Precautions